After graduating from Central School of Art, London in 1971, I have managed to make a living through my artwork. There have been years of teaching and a lengthy period of working to commission. However, I have always pursued and worked on my own ideas and finally gave all my time to it in 2001 when I arrived in my Falmouth studio.
I call My approach “Unbound” as described in by book “Abstraction Unbound” ISBN 978-0-94838577-3 produced in 2015. For me it is an exploration an enchantment of the unknown without sentimentality. A kind of magic which captures images of inner feeling beyond thought or mind.

It seems so solid until I start asking the question what it is about, then it melts away like a mirage and I’m left with the question why. All artworks could be looked at as abstract. What we see is not a thing or a place it is an impression of something. You could say that what we see is entirely down to the experience of the viewer. What I am making will change for each person looking. So that leaves me with the question of what I want to say. When working it is a bit like playing a game without knowing the rules. Gradually things arrive which give me a jump a trickle of excitement, to be shared.

“Abstraction Unbound” written in 2015 has an expanded approach to the work.            


Times and Echo, St Ives – Frank Ruhrumnd.
“Abstraction Unbound” at the Penwith Gallery. Launched at the first exhibition “Unconscious Statements” of the group “Abstract 7” formed by Sue Davis in 2013.
The book fully justifies the claims by author and art critic Peter Davies. He says “This is a glorified expliqué, a mega statement, by an accomplished abstract painter”.
Sue Davis provides a valuable insight into the world of unbound abstraction but also to art and artists in general.

Review St Albans. Exhibition Hemel Hempsted.
The work has an element of time woven into its layers and is definitely very thought provoking”.

Grelle White – Steam of consciousness.
Sue is fascinated by stones and water and is the kind of person who creates where others might dream”.

Kate Chapman – Seeing is understanding an artists point of view.
Meeting someone like Sue Davis certainly opens one’s eyes to the possibility of Art in this rather facile environment in which we live. It is an important part of our daily lives, and with her touch of humour and a sensitifity to be envied, she may well succeed in convincing a lot more people that Art is more important than commerce”.


BORN: 1947

St Albans College of Art
1970 -1973 Central School of Art and Design, London

1973 -1979 Hitchin College of Adult Education
1975 -1980 Sir John Lawes. Harpenden
1980 -1983 Head of Art, Canons. Harrow

1973 -1975 Pirton. Herts
1976 -1978 Formed and ran Queen Street pottery. Hitchin. Herts
1984 – working in U.S.A
1984 -1999 Formed and ran “Suda Designs”. Watford. Herts
2000 – 2002 Bungay. Suffolk
2002 –  onwards Falmouth Studio

1984 – 2000 Over 1300 commissions completed, including work for Ozzy Osbourne, Fern Britton and Eton college

Member of Penwith Society of Arts, St Ives (Chairman 2018)
Portscatho Society of Arts. New Gallery, Portscatho, Cornwall
Formed “Abstract 7” group 2013

Book “Abstraction Unbound” published 2015 ISBN 978-0-94838577-3
Article on Egyptian paste, Ceramics Manual, BLA publications Ltd
Participant in Career paths of visual artists. Arts Council