“Abstraction Unbound”, ISBN978-0-94838577-3 written in 2015, has an expanded explanation of the approach to the work.

It seems so solid until I start asking the question what it is about, then it melts away like a mirage and I’m left with the question why. All artworks could be looked at as abstract. What we see is not a thing or a place it is an impression of something. You could say that what we see is entirely down to the experience of the viewer. What I am making will change for each person looking. Leaving me with the question of what I want to say. Working is a bit like playing a game without knowing the rules. Gradually things arrive which give me a jump a trickle of excitement. For me it is an exploration an enchantment of the unknown without sentimentality. A kind of magic which captures images of inner feeling beyond thought or mind.